After you have received the email with your temporary password, you can enter your  Billpocket Manager  with your email. Once inside your administrator, you need to set a custom password for your access to Billpocket.

Register your bank account

This is the most important step in configuring your Billpocket account. The bank account is where you will record your sales will deposit the next business day (more).

To register your bank account is essential to count on your CLABE (Standardized Bank Key) 18 digits can find in your statement or visit your nearest bank branch.

To register your bank account go to your  Billpocket Manager .


Complete your profile Billpocket

Upon completion of any sale, Billpocket submit proof of payment to your customer. This proof can be customized and is perfect to reinforce your brand with your customers. To customize your profile go to your  Billpocket Manager  in the Settings >> Profile section.

Your administrator you can configure the trade name of your company, Facebook, Twitter, website and logo. To configure other details of your account, please contact us at

Configure system alerts

Billpocket has a number of alerts that can be configured to know how your sales force behaves, obtain transaction reports and know when your sales funds are available in your bank account. To set these alerts go to your  Billpocket Manager  in the Settings >> Notifications section.